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Euroline is a strong financial partner that provides companies with simple and secure ways to accept payment cards. For instance, Euroline offers multi-currency payments, subscription payments (recurring), and 3D Secure payments.

In 2015, Euroline was acquired by Bambora.

Visit Euroline's website Euroline


It's free to enter a merchant agreement with Euroline, and there's no annual fee.

The transaction fees are determined based on the information you've provided in the application. Fees of 1.85 % of the total purchase price should be expected for all payment cards. Settlement is once a week.

Through a merchant agreement with Euroline you can accept the following payment cards:

Recieve MasterCard and EuroCard Recieve Maestro Recieve VISA and VISA Electron

If you enter a separate agreement for Diners Club, this will be connected to your agreement with Euroline.

Recieve Diners Club

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Getting Started Guide
Getting Started Guide

This step-by-step guide shows you how to get started with a payment solution from ePay.
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