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2.  Create an ePay account

You need an ePay account to set up our payment solution on your website. When the account is ready, you get a test merchant number, which is used for creating test payments.

Set up an ePay account

Create your account on our website here - it only takes two minutes. It's free to create an ePay account, and there are no strings attached.

When do I start paying for my payment solution?

Your subscription with ePay starts the day we receive your merchant agreement from your acquirer and activate your account. Activating your account means that you can process real payments. A few days after your account has been activated you will receive an invoice for your subscription by email.

Already have a merchant agreement?

You can state whether or not you have a merchant agreement when you create your ePay account. If you have an agreement, but don't want it activated just yet, please state so in the comment field in the registration process.

Get a free test account
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This step-by-step guide shows you how to get started with a payment solution from ePay.
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