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5. Apply for a merchant agreement

Skip this step if you already have a merchant agreement for your website.

Why do I need a merchant agreement?

The merchant agreement with your acquirer determines which payment cards you can accept. Nets, for instance, is the only acquirer in Denmark handling the Dankort, the most popular payment card in Denmark. For this reason, most Danish companies have a merchant agreement with Nets.

Your acquirer handles the money transfer from your customer's account to your account. You arrange with the acquirer which account the money should go to.

How do I apply for a merchant agreement?

Click on each acquirer to read more about how you apply for a merchant agreement.

Please inform us when you've sent your application to the acquirer.

How long does it take?

The acquirer will start processing your application upon receiving it. Among other things, they run a credit rating check of your company, which may delay the process.

When your application has been processed, the acquirer sends you a contract which you must sign and return to them. Upon receiving the signed contract, they will set up your merchant agreement and send it to you by email. Automatically, ePay receives a copy of the agreement.

Please allow a processing time of 4-6 weeks for your agreement to be approved and activated. We recommend that you commence the application process early.

Get a status update

For a status update on your application, contact the acquirer. Our contact information includes details on the acquirers.

We recommend you continuously contact the the acquirer to follow up on your application.

Multi acquirers

You can use more than one acquirer. Read more about the advantages of using multiple acquirers here.

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