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Invoice module for Joomla

ePay has developed a free invoice module which enables your customers to pay online for their orders in your Joomla solution.

With the module you can:
  • Let your customers enter the invoice number and amount to be paid
  • Collect information about the customer - e.g. email, name, address, country, telephone number and comments
  • Place transaction costs on your customers
  • Accept multiple currencies
  • Support multiple languages
  • Send email receipts to your customers after the payment
  • Receive an email and/or SMS when your customer has paid the online invoice
  • Process payments from the Joomla administration
  • Easily create a payment page

Go to for more information about the invoice module for Joomla. Here you'll also find instructions on how to install and use the module.

Download the module
Click on the button to download the invoice module for Joomla.

Keep up to date

We maintain and update the payment module on a regular basis. If you want an automatic email notification when we release a new version of the Joomla module, please sign up for our update service.

Sign up for our update service

Please notice

We do not provide support for the installation and configuration for the invoice module, but refer to Please make a backup of your installation before installing our module. Also, please make sure the module supports the version of Joomla you're using.

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