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Why use Fraud Fighter?

We all know there's a risk involved when working in e-commerce. If stolen credit card details are used in your shop without you noticing it, you'll lose both your product and your money as you have to cover the bank's loss. What is more, the bank will charge you an administrative fee for the costs.

What you need to beat fraud is a security product that will block fraud attempts, demand a secure payment method, and notify you if a payment looks suspicious. Fraud Fighter will do all this - and more. It monitors all your payments based on a number of rules that you define and puts you in control of your payments.


Determining whether or not a payment is fraudulent is complicated. That's why Fraud Fighter is based on a number of simple rules that you can set up for each region or country in the world.

Fraud Fighter allows you to:

  • Demand a secure means of payment for individual countries/regions. This means all secure payments (e.g. 3D secure) are accepted, while all other payments are blocked. For instance, you could accept regular payments from Europe, whereas non-European customers would have to use 3D Secure
  • Reject payments if the payment card isn't issued in the country/region from which the payment is made
  • Block payments from specific countries/regions
  • Block specific IP addresses
  • Set up email or SMS alerts if the card isn't issued in the country from which the payment is made
  • Set up email or SMS alerts if the card isn't issued in the region from which the payment is made
  • Receive an alert if suspicious payments are detected
  • See a list of all payments blocked by Fraud Fighter including the reason for the rejection

Fraud Fighter can send you an alarm by email or SMS if a payment is completed with a payment card that has been used numerous times within the past 24 hours.

We offer free help with the set-up

We're ready to help you setting up Fraud Fighter to suit your needs. To use Fraud Fighter, log in to your ePay account and go to the menu Fraud Fighter -> Overview.

Price and activation

Fraud Fighter is activated from your ePay account in the menu Fraud Fighter. The price is DKK 0.30 per transaction monitored by Fraud Fighter.

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